Honeymoon Help!

Stuart and I kind of mutually decided that since we bought the house this year, our honeymoon wouldn't require air travel. At first, I was bummed because I could just picture the warm sun and a cool Mich Ultra in my hand on the beach, but after thinking about it, I got excited! I knew we'd want to go south (who wants to go where it is COLDER in November? Not me, peeps). Plus, I love a good road trip. Some Diet Coke, a few snacks, good music on the radio and my boy - what's not to like?

When looking at places south of us that would be a reasonable distance to drive to, we talked about Florida at first - but it is a pretty long way from here and we have jaunted down 95 a few times over the years to head there. I wanted to go some place different.

So.. dun duh duh duhhhhh. We will be heading to Charleston, SC! 

I have friends that are obsessed with Charleston and I have been dying to go for several years now! I went to Hilton Head in college and we bopped down to Savannah, GA, for the day but I have never been to Charleston. It seems like the quintessential southern coastal town and I am so excited to go!

After brunch the day after the wedding, we will head to Wilmington, NC for the night. Home of Dawsons Creek - oh holla! You better believe we will be stopping to see some of Dawson, Pacey, Joey and Jen's old stomping grounds!

Then we will head down the coast on route 17 to Charleston.

So y'all - I need suggestions! Great places to eat (duhhh this is the most important). Places to stay? Bed and Breakfasts? Nice hotels? Things to see? Things to visit? I need the Charleston DEETS people!

Happy Tuesday!


Sam @ reddyorknot.blogspot.com said...

On our roadtrip to FL, we spent a night in Charleston and stayed at Palmer's Pinckney Inn (http://thepalmerhomebandb.com/index.php/home-pinckney) It is ADORABLE, a block from the market/restaurants/rooftop bars/shops, and a STEAL compared to the cost of other b&b's in that area! It is a hidden gem! Charleston was gorgeous and I think you guys will really love it!!

Shannon Hodges said...

Girl, I live in Charleston and the list is just too long to post in a comment. The food here is to die for. Are y'all wanting to stay downtown or at the beach. Email me (shannonmvaughn at gmail dot com) with specifics and I'll try my best to help you out!

Lisa said...

Umm, Wilmington is also home of One Tree Hill.
We went to Charleston on vacay this year. King Street is one of the main areas for food and shopping. From there, you can walk down Rainbow Row and the Battery. Def check out Fort Sumter. I posted recaps at my blog (www.sororitylifearmywife.blogspot.com).