The Queen, Harrods, and Nick Reminders

The past two days in London have been A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Yesterday we got up and headed to the Queen's birthday party... we actually got close enough to see the Queen and Prince William! AHHHHHH, all of us were dying. The parade was awesome, and we stuck around long enough to see the queen come by twice :)

Look we were so close! This is from my camera :) After seeing the queen, we headed back to our flat to shower and get ready for dinner out and a pub to watch the US v England World Cup game. We had a time trying to find somewhere to do both, so we ate at Gourmet Burger Kitchen again and then looked around for a place to watch the game. Poor Mia lost her shoe under the Tube, so we had to wait for her to retrieve it. Unfortunately, I started feeling pretty bad and headed home to watch the game (slash click back and forth between that and Runaway Bride haha) and relax. Lib and a few of the girls came home shortly after and we watched the game end in a tie! RIDICULOUS!

Today was the best day in London thus far, I think. We got up early this morning and headed to Harrods for tea :). We had a GREAT time. Harrods is absolutely amazing and so HUGE. We could have spent days in there I think. We all got pain au chocolat and different kinds of tea, and they were all delicious. We spent almost two hours just sipping tea and talking :)

We spent an hour just walking around Harrods, and Cait and I even bought dresses! Unfortunately they weren't in the designer area, but they were adorable. I will probably wear mine to Nat's graduation party on Friday :) We also found these bears down by the Harrods gift shop that we HAD to take pictures by. I think they are so cute!

We then went to dinner at a delicious (and cheap) Italian restaurant, because we were all starving. I even tried Ravioli, although it was spinach with a butter sauce, instead of cheese and a red sauce, but it was yummy. After that, we went on the search of our lives, for the PARENT TRAP HOUSE! We finally found it, and were really sketch and took a ton of pictures in front of it. Here Cait and I are... you can see the #23, but they changed the number for the movie to seven for privacy issues. Too bad we found it ;)

I have been seeing little reminders of Nick everywhere lately, and they always make me smile. I've seen a Nicholas Lane that was lined in red, and now this Nic(h)olas shop which has a red sign. I know that when these things catch my eye, it's just Nick wanting me to see them and think of him and know he's okay. I don't think I've mentioned him on my blog, but I have been thinking about him everyday, and saying lots of prayers for his family. He had and will continue to have such a big impact on my life, and he was such a special little boy. Love and miss you buddy.

Peace and Blessings, see you in 4 days!

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