Why Is London Full of Smokers?

Yesterday was a good day, nice and relaxing. We got up and took the hour trek to class (fortunately class got pushed back half an hour so we got a little more sleep!) and discussed our plans for this weekend with the group. Then we headed to the British Museum. I'd like to say that it was interesting and I was so intrigued... except that would be a "story." The guy leading us through the exhibit was really soft spoken and long-winded so we just stood for an hour listening to him talk about ancient Roman establishment. I believe Nicole said it best when she just started singing "Killing Me Softly," haha.

After that, I kind of took time to myself. I went for a nice, long run. A desperately needed one, since it had been almost two weeks. The only problem is, we are in the city, and everyone is constantly outside smoking. So when I run, I get a nice dose of second hand smoke... not good for anyone, none the less someone who is trying to exercise their lungs! Other than that, it felt great, and since I was in my flat alone and I wasn't worried about using all the hot water, I took a realllllyyy long hot refreshing shower :)

We had a total girls night last night, and it was a blast! One of the girls in our group, Meagan, had some friends at a pub just a short cab ride away, so we sat around just talking and taking pictures before grabbing a few cabs and heading that way. To say the night was interesting, would be an understatement. We met a guy who referred to himself as "flaming" andreferenced Sarah Jessica Parker while asking us what he should do on his third date with a guy that he was "totally in love with." And that was just the beginning! We met a guy (and a few of his friends) named Adrian who was British but was actually on vacation from his job in the states! All sorts of shenanigans ensued, including a marriage proposal, sugar cubes, and lots of beer tasting. Needless to say, it was one of our most exciting nights yet.

Today, a quick run, shower, and some shopppiiinnnnggg! I didn't bring nearly enough dressy stuff, due to the stupid girl in cargo shorts that said we wouldn't require any cute clothes. Thats the last time I listen to a girl who wore three tee shirts the entire trip and fit everything she needed in her cargo shorts... seriously.


Peace and Blessings, Peace and Blessings

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