Sunday, Desperate Bathwives and Real American Food

Sunday was pretty eventless around here. Lib and i mosied around for a while, finally getting in the shower and hopping on the tube to go to the Victoria and Albert Museum. We were really hoping to see the Grace Kelly Exhibit (the only thing you had to pay for, lame) but it was sold out for the day. Still, we found some cracks and peeked in. I think its something I'd go back and pay the six pounds for if i got the chance. The rest of the museum was nice, and we both loved the fashion exhibit, which showed fashion evolving from several different countries over the years. It was really crowded though, so we didn't get to see as much as we'd hoped to. We also found a really cool glass exhibit that caught our eye, and some huge stone sculptures that made us look like Jack does compared to the Giant in the beanstalk, haha. After that, we came back to the flat and just hung around.

Cait finally got home around eight, with alot of crazy stories from her day, and our flat along with some of the other girls decided to go see a movie, The Killer Inside Me. Completely not what I was expecting, and something that I never, ever want to see again. I suppose from an artistic standpoint, it was done quite well. That being said, some of the scenes were so graphic I plugged my ears and covered my eyes. There is an especially horrible scene where Casey Affleck beats the living snot out of Jessica Alba. It's absolutely terrible. Needless to say, we all had to talk about something else before we went to sleep that night.

Yesterday we all got up bright and early to catch our coach (charter bus) to Bath. I absolutely loved Bath, as it is much more my scene than London is. Bath is a smaller town, discovered by the Romans because of it's natural hot spring, and thought to have healing properties. It was known in Europe as a "holiday town." The architecture was so beautiful, and if we hadn't been pushed around by a group of old people, I think I really would have enjoyed our tour of the Roman Baths. If you sneak a toe into the water, you can feel that it really is warm! We then grabbed lunch from a local bakery, and headed on a two hour walking tour of Bath. Our tour guide was nice, and very knowledgeable, but because we only had five hours in Bath, we didn't get to stop and explore nearly as much as we would have liked. I would love to go back to Bath someday and spend time there. It felt like a safe little tourist town, complete with great shopping and culture :) The only downside was the two and a half hour coach ride there and back. I fell asleep a bit, but the emergency door on top was open and we were all freezing so much that it was hard to get comfortable.

When we finally got back into Londontown, we just decided to relax and spend the night in. It had been a long day, and we knew that we had class this morning. Class this morning did get pushed back to ten, which was awesome... we got to sleep an hour later! It was a short class, and Elizabeth and I headed to exchange her tube pass that she has been a having a problem with. Two tube stops and three customer service people later, we got the job done. Exhausted from that maneuvering, we found the perfect pick-me-up... TGI FRIDAYS! Lib and I are both picky eaters, and although we have been surviving, we were both in dire need of some "normal food." I even had a Coors Light on draft, and there is NO light beer here anyway. That along with some moz sticks to share, chicken tenders for lib, and a fresh salad with delicious barbeque chicken for me, made for the best lunch we've had :) Ahhhhh... this afternoon, it is pouring outside so we are just relaxing and getting a few things done before we go to see a play, "After the Dance," tonight at 7.

Nine more days till I grace the US with my presence :) But only nine more days to see everything there is to see in London :(

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