London, Day Three, and Still Too Lazy for Pictures

Today was quite the busy day here in London. We had to leave our flat around eight to be to class at nine. RIDICULOUS. It should not take an hour and two trains to get to class twice a week, but I guess I only have four more left, so it shouldn't be too bad. Lib, Cait and I actually got there early, but ended up in the wrong building and were late for class, haha, our baaadddd. Today we got divided up into our individual groups (I have K Graham this week, a professor I've had before for Children's lit and love), although we never actually divided up. We talked about our adventures yesterday as a whole, and then a "bobby" from Scotland Yard came and talked to us about safety in London. It's really no different than the states, except pepper spray is illegal. Ridiculous, right?
We learned a little more about Ability Towers and the Anglo-American program as well, and the woman kept making these little side comments about how the UK doesn't charge for health care like "you Americans" do, and how the British aren't expected to tip. It really ticked me off, and I wanted to say something along the lines of, "we may have privatized health care, and prefer to appreciate good service by tipping and helping our waiters/waitresses, but at least we don't have to pay to go to the TOILET when we need to." I didn't though, haha. Other than that, class was fine.
I've really fallen in love with coffee here, and I actually have taken to drinking regular cafe mochas with a little (or several scoops) of sugar or Splenda added in. I had a cup today from our "university" cafe and it really helped me make it through the afternoon. Speaking of, we met our tour guide from yesterday, Warren, at Westminster Abbey for a personal tour, and a panoramic coach tour of the city. Westminster Abbey was really neat, and it was awesome to see the place where Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde, Charles Dickens and several kings and queens including Henry the VIII, Anne Bolyn and Elizabeth the I were buried (along with a ton of other people). Charles Darwin is actually buried there in the Scientist corner, along beside Sir Issac Newton and several other famous scientists. Considering Westminster Abbey is an Anglican church, the fact that a man who tried to disprove God throughout his entire scientific career is buried there, makes me a little uncomfortable and weird-ed out.
The paneramic tour was cool as well, although the bus driver's crazy moves made me a little bit motion sick, haha. We got to stop at Buckingham Palace (I waved to the queen again for you Hev!), and the Tower of London for pictures, although we are planning to head back when it's not raining and we actually look pretty. The queen's birthday is actually next weekend, and we are planning to get up and go... we might actually get to see her!
We were planning to go out tonight, since we don't have to be a the Globe for a theater tour (and acting lesson... thanks theater majors for coming along on this trip and making this happen... haha NOT) at 11:30, but its gross and raining so Jenna, Lib, Cait and I are researching things to do and watching CSI, so a normal night for me in the states. We also get to see a play tomorrow night at the Globe, which is going to be an interesting experience for sureeeee. I'm so interested in London, but I'm definitely looking forward to being back in the good ole US of A.

Peace and Blessings, Peace and Blessings from this Crusty Crust.

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haha, thanks for the shout out pal! sounds like you are getting to do some really awesome things! So excited for you! (and a little jealous!) misss youuuuu! <3