Dats Da Best Advice Dat I Could Take, Shirley.

Today has been a fun day :) We got to sleep in (til NINE... what has happened with my life these days?). Jenna, Cait, Lib and I headed early to the Globe for an acting "lesson" and stumbled into Starbucks for a little treat before hand. The acting lesson wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be and we actually had a great time. Lib, Felicia, Nicole and I were all in a group and we just laughed throughout all the exercises. Before that, we headed into the actual theater and watched a technical rehearsal for Henry IV, which was definitely interesting!

After our Globe adventure, we hopped the tube for a little shopping, but I didn't stay long. Oxford Circle, where we were, is a lot like Times Square and I got overwhelmed. I hopped the tube home, and I even got a little lost, but I figured everything out on my own. Apparently I am becoming and adult. I even bought extra internet so I can Skype Nat this weekend while she gets ready for prom and even used a little to Skype Stuart a bit when I got home, which was nice.

We headed to see "The Real Thing" tonight by Tom Stoppard at The Old Vic. I wasn't impressed, but then again, I don't get British humo(u)r, and I have a hard time understanding accents occasionally. The general synopsis was a play within a play, but the story line was hard to follow. I understood the general point though. The biggest problem was the tiny seats that didn't even allow you room to cross your legs! Ridiculous! I know we will see a few more plays while I am here, and I'm hoping they will be better :) We see MacBeth on Friday at the Globe in the standing galley, which should be an experience for sure.

Cait, Lib and I have been up looking at conspiracy theories for some reason, so right now I am trying to distract myself before bed. Tomorrow we just have class in the morning, and then we are free until Friday night at 7:30 to see MacBeth, so who knows what shenanigans we might get into! I know, I know, pictures are cominnngggg.

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