11.2.13 - Getting Ready

Once we arrived at the hotel - it was go time! I only had a half an hour or so to get my makeup on and get dressed to head to our first look. Of course, we had the Tech-BC game on in the background and I did a bit of cheering and yelling in the course of the time it took to get ready.

All professional pictures were taken by Ben Hallissy Photography and the rights are his. Ben has been a friend of the family since before we were born. You can read his blog post on our engagement pictures here and our wedding here. We were so blessed to have him capture our day!

I think my girl Jewel was as excited about the day as I was!

Keeping up with the important details - how the Hokies were playing (which, unfortunately, was not well).

My sister did my makeup and that was so special - she does the BEST eye makeup and I was so excited she volunteered to do mine!

The girls hanging out - they weren't as invested in the game as we were ;).

I couldn't leave out these adorable ones of my groom getting ready!

Putting on my dress! I loved that my sister and mom helped me get into my dress but my girls were surrounding me and helping as well. 

Next up - BOTH first looks :)


J Howard said...


Mary said...

SO beautiful! I love your dress!

Gayle said...

1. You made a beautiful bride! 2. I just found your blog through a comment you left somewhere else (and I'm totally weird and stalk people through comments) and I'm so glad I did! 3. Too strange that Ben did your wedding photography -- he's doing mine, too!