Lovin My Hokies!

While I wait for Heather and Jim to arrive, I figured I'd join up with Kelly's Show Us Your Life- Alma Maters! 

If you have read my blog for any amount if time, you know that I am a HOKIIIIIEEEEE! I love Virginia Tech more than anything, and I am so proud that I will receive my B.A. from this amazing school in May :) (And my B.S. next May or December... AHHHH!)

Virginia Tech is known as a big football school, and football we play! I absolutely LOVE hokie football, and I have been a fan since birth!

See! This is me at two maybe? I'm honestly not sure, but I have been rockin that orange and maroon all my life :)

With some of my delta loves (and dolphinman!) at a football game last fall. There is nothing like watching good ole Frank and the boys put a whoopin on another school. Beamer Ball baby!

Although my love runs deep for all things Hokie football, I actually am here for more than just that :). I am getting my B.A. in English (and eventually a B.S. in Human Development) from a famous Engineering school. Whoops!

Actually, Tech has a TON of majors, and I have absolutely loved being in a big school (with a greater percentage of men ;) ) but in a smaller major. I have gotten to know my professors really well, and I have a tight fit group of other English majors that I went abroad with this summer!

I also joined a sorority here, and Greek life is a big part of Tech. It is not something that everyone is involved in (percentage wise, it is not big at all), but those who are involved in Greek life are generally involved elsewhere on campus as well. There are a ton of clubs and sports teams to get involved in, and there is always something going on. 

I love being the big school in a small town, because everything revolves around college life! We have great places to eat (#1 college dining in the country!), a really good bar scene, and you can get pretty much anywhere on the bus, which is free with your Hokie Passport (ID card). Literally, this place is the best ever. Promise I'm not biased ;).

There is nowhere else I could have dreamed of spending my college years, and I will be heartbroken to leave... why do you think I decided to stay for a second degree?!? Haha. 


Hokie Grandma said...

Go Hokies! Found your blog from Kelly's. Both our daughters and son-in-laws are VT grads - our daughters stayed and got a MS degrees also. You are at a great school and have a wonderful time ahead of you. We miss spending time in Blacksburg, until football season then we can't wait to use our season tickets.

Rachel said...

I am a Virginian, and while I didn't go to VT, I did attend JMU! VT is a fabulous school and I always had fun when I went to visit friends there!!

Lori said...

I found your blog through Kelly's. I also went to Virginia tech and was also a tridelt. I was a Beta Epsilon. Some of the best days of my life. Enjoy.

Amy said...

I'm an '01 Hokie, Accounting major, Zeta Tau Alpha and devoted reader of Kelly's Korner! Glad to see other Hokies in blogland!

Paula said...

I read Kelly's blog and had to see if any Hokie girls linked through her Alma Mater party. I graduated in '91 and really enjoyed my Blacksburg time. I've taken a few field trips through school with kids to visit the campus. It sure has changed since I was there!