Anyone else under the age of thirty remember that song? Maybe, it's just me. I do have an affinity for 70's singer/songwriters... no seriously, I do. Anyways, in new news... I get to stay an extra year here in the 'burg! I am graduating in May with my B.A. in English, but I will stay on to get my B.S. in Human Development-Child and Adolescent Studies. I'm doing this so I can become a Child Life Specialist... hopefully by Winter 2012. 

Can I just take a second and scream? AHHHHHHHHH! A life plan! But one that is going to require a lot of hard work and money. My mom and dad will still be paying tuition, but I will need to find a job to pay for other stuff, like groceries and gas. My poor online shopping habit will have to take a little siesta. I know, I probably sound like a spoiled brat, seeing as so many people put themselves through college, and I have the utmost respect for them. I am just fortunate enough to have parents with the means and the desire to support me, and although this isn't a huge deal, it is still a big change for me. 

However, I cannot wait to become a child life specialist! This seriously is going to be the most fun job in the world. I will get to work with kids, explain things to them, and become their confidant during some of the most scary and difficult part of their lives. But I also get to be with them when they leave the hospital. I get to play games and color and make them smile. I get to HELP, which is all I wanted to begin with. Thank you God for leading me in this direction!

Also, tomorrow I get my GRANDLITTLE! Since I know she doesn't read my blog... I can say that she is one of my former pnm's that went Tridelt! AHHHHH. She is going to be a perfect addition to my family :) Here is my little and I at formals last year :)

Plussss, this guy is coming this weekend to take me to our date party, and to celebrate Valentine's day with me :) I am making a homemade italian dish, and I practiced earlier this week... it is delicious! I promise to post the recipe soon. 

(this is us at the ACC championship game... I love seeing him in orange and maroon ;) )

Just a little disclaimer... I am doing a project for a class right now that requires me to take only film pictures... y'all remember film right? That stuff that costs money! AH! I will be posting some pictures after my project is due... but I will have no new ones until then :(

I can't wait to steal a few that are taken by other people so I can tell y'all about my weekend on Monday though!

Have a great Friday :)

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Heather, All Grown up... said...

Sooo... I definitely started immediately singing that song in my head when I saw the title of your new post! haha

also, very excited for you that you have found what you want to do! :) YAY!