Wedding Recaps Continued: Tailgate Couples Shower

Disclaimer: I know it has been a while :). I am traveling for work and I want to make sure I have recaps of all of our wonderful wedding festivities! I am going to try my hardest to get these done over the next few weeks.

My parent's bffs/my second parents/our "home" church pastor and his wife were so sweet to throw us a couples shower the August before we got married! It was a "house divided" shower - which was SO perfect! Everything was decorated in orange, maroon and navy. Unfortunately, it rained that day and dropped 20 degrees so I had to go out a buy a new Hokie themed outfit - so sad ;).

We were SO blessed with the people who attended and the gifts they brought. It was such a fun shower full of laughs and adding the boys in for one of them made it much more entertaining ;).

The groomsmen who were able to make it - Mike on the end came all the way down from New York! Our DC friends/groomsmen were stuck in traffic for 5 hours that day trying to come down for the shower. They arrived right at the end and we ended up going back to Stuart's parent's house to spend some time with them that night :).

My wonderful sister and MOH!

My "local" bridesmaids who were able to attend :).

Our wonderful hostess holding a board they made for us with "game day" advice :)

Even Miss Hallie made it down with her momma because her firefighter daddy was working that day (and she brought some drool for Stuart's shirt too, haha).

The famjam!

 The "sibs"

Wearing our house divided apparel - me in maroon skirt/orange cardigan and Stuart in navy shorts and a navy and orange checked button down. We tried to be subtle but still representing our teams!

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Lisa C said...

Aside from the UVa nonsense, I like the sign! Maybe I should get one that says "House United."