Wedding Recaps Con't: Boots and Bows Bachelorette Weekend!

I was so blessed with such awesome friends who threw me the perfect low key bachelorette party the September before we got married - it was the end of September and the only time that worked with my travel schedule and our football schedules!

It was actually an entire weekend of events, but I will recap my beautiful Sunday afternoon shower in another post.

The theme for the entire weekend was "Boots and Bows" which was just absolutely perfect! Stuart has called me Boots for years and he bought me my first pair of cowboy boots for my birthday a few years ago. I had requested a bachelorette party that was more fun and preppy than something black and pink and full of "typical" bachelorette items - although a few of those things made it in there ;). They even based the colors off of the tridelta Lilly print!

I ended up heading home the Thursday night before my bachelorette weekend because Heidi flew in from Atlanta and I am SO glad she did - it wouldn't have felt right without her! Friday we just kind of piddled around and hung out around Hampton - my sister and my mom went up to Richmond to get things ready and Saturday morning the rest of the gang followed.

They had rented rooms in a Marriott in downtown Richmond that was a quick walk/cab ride away from everything and it was awesome! When I got there, the room was adorably decorated and I was handed a shirt to change into (as was everyone else :) )!

We headed into Carytown for mani/pedis and then to Nacho Mama's for lunch. There may or may not have been mimosas in the adorable cups my sister designed for us that we carried around with us everywhere. After a late lunch, we headed back to the hotel to relax, hang out and get ready for the night! I think we may have even taken naps :).

They put together a little lingere shower for me before we headed out for the evening - only bag pictures shown here!

Before heading out for the night! My adorable girls - all in their dresses and boots!



Sista sista




My sweet, sweet, BFFs!

We had dinner at this amazing place downtown, Sine, and I seriously had THE BEST time there! There are very little pics from the rest of the evening - ha - but my favorite thing ever happened at Sine!

We were the only bachelorette party there at the time and came upstairs to the bar after eating dinner. The leader of the band saw my bride bow/button and my veil crown and asked if there was a bride-to-be in the house. I was DYING of embarrassment at this point and all of my friends pushed me up towards the front so he could see me. He asked me my name and Stuart's name and proceeded to sing a reggae song themed on Stuart and I and our impending wedding. See that bongo above? I spent much of the time he was singing banging on the bongo, laughing hysterically and just had the BEST TIME! He even lead the crowd into a round of "HAPPY" "WEDDING DAY". Seriously, so out of my comfort zone and SO MUCH FUN!

We headed to Tobacco Company after Sine and spent several hours just dancing and enjoying some beverages. I got to grind to old school Usher with all my best girlfriends and two sweet girls that I know that live in Richmond came to join in the fun as well - Caitlyn, my sister's best friend since birth and a girl who is like a sister to me, and Alexandra, a girl from Tech that Nat and I both know!

The rest of the evening ended in a blur, but it was the perfect bachelorette weekend for me! Low key, with my best girlfriends and full of laughs and good times.


Mary said...

Looks like such a blast!

Ashley W said...

That looks like SO much fun!! I'd much rather have a bachelorette party like that, definitely not into the whole man-parts everywhere kind!