Recap: Coley Becomes a P!

This weekend was crazy, exhausting, exciting, wonderful and full of love for my Coley :).

I kicked Thursday off by getting a mani/pedi and a spray tan before picking one of my best friends, and one of Nicole's bridesmaids, Heidi, up from the airport in Richmond. We immediately started chatting and found a local Mexican hotspot for some dinner before heading back to the hotel. When we got to the front counter, we had THE MOST ADORABLE baskets waiting for us, complete with water, snacks and even a Starbucks giftcard for Friday am!

Friday morning we were up bright and early because both of us were anxious to get to the beach to start the wedding festivities with the bride! We stopped by Michael's for Heidi to get a frame for a gift for baby Hallie, hit the Targ Starbucks up for some java and hit the road!

When we arrived Friday, there was lots on the agenda. First - Heidi and Hallie met and it was precious. I know Heidi was DYING to meet her. Then we headed into town to hang signs, get floral arrangements and make sure the cake arrived at the reception venue. Here are Heidi and Nicole banging some signs in ;).

Friday afternoon, the rest of the bridal party showed up and we tried to get things together for the rehearsal. The boys grilled dinner downstairs while we talked to the minister and tried to get things lined up. It was SUPER windy and starting to get chilly, but we made it through. We all ate dinner together and hung out before the boys headed back to the guest house for the night.

The beautiful bride with the perfect monogrammed wine glass made by bridesmaid Katie!

The happy couple, moments before they saw each other for the last time as single people!

Friday night we did gave Nicole some wedding night apparel and just hung out talking. We all finally headed to bed around 2 and Nicole got some good rest before the big day!!

Saturday AM I relieved Katie from Hallie duty and got to spend some time snuggling her and talking to Nicole's parents. They are so sweet to me and I love the whole family dearly - they have really made me feel like a part of the Carroll clan!

Then - we were off and running! Ariella, Nicole's cousin Jamie's girlfriend is a professional hair stylist and showed up to get us all looking beautiful. We munched on a DELICIOUS brunch Nicole's momma prepared and then we were off and running. We spent a bunch of time up in the Master bathroom hanging out while each girl individually got her hair done before the guests started arriving that afternoon.

The precious flower girls and junior bridesmaids showed up and we got their hair straightened and everything together. I think I spent a majority of my day running up and down the stairs ;). Fortunately, my amazing momma came up and was the mistress of ceremonies, and my daddy helped Nicole's daddy get things together on the beach. My parents were also Miss Hallie's certified babysitters during the reception.

Stuart and Paul (Heidi's boyfriend) picked up a last minute necessity - a white baby blanket to wrap Hallie in for the ceremony. It was cold and babygirl need to be nice and cozy! Stuart also played "DJ" for the ceremony music. Heidi and I got dressed and we grabbed this pic - the necklaces were part of our gifts from Nicole. 

We got Nicole in her dress and I was lucky enough to pray over their marriage with just us, the other bridesmaids and her momma in the room. It was such a special time and I was so glad to be a part of everything!

The ceremony started and it was beautiful - right next to the water. It was a bit windy though, and at one point I had Josh's wedding band on my middle finger, both bouquets, hers and mine in my hands, and I was holding her veil :). I looked a little cray cray. But - they were married!!! It was perfect!

After the ceremony, we came back up to the house, did some freshening up and I remembered to burn the first dance song on a disc - never a dull moment!

Somehow, my sweet fiance ended up with Miss Hallie for a few minutes and I got my momma to snap this sweet picture. I love it - definitely a framer for the new house!

From there we headed onto the reception. We were at an old bed and breakfast called "The White Dog Inn" in downtown Mathews County, VA. It was ADORABLE and perfect! The owners just bought it a few weeks ago and it is divine. The food was delicious - I am dreaming of that Caesar salad!

The bride and groom - they are married!!!!! 

After dinner we headed out and I gave my MOH speech - I was shaking the entire time! I think I survived and Nicole got teary so I think she got my point ;).

We spent the rest of the night dancing away, they cut the cake and we headed out. I was happily passed out in my bed at my parent's house by midnight Saturday night.

I am so thrilled for Nicole and Josh (and Hallie) and I am so glad I got to be a part of their big day! When we were at dinner, Josh was already trying to plan out who was going to keep Hallie for our wedding - so I think it must have been a success!

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awwwww love it!!! you look gorg and you know I love the little one too!