Misc. Monday :)

If you can't think of a topic, your best bet is to link up with someone else's :) Over at Carissa's she does miscellany monday's, and here are some random things from my brain!

1. I cannot wait to get to Blacksburg TODAY... can I say it enough? Corey should be here soon enough, and then we are off to the most wonderful place on earth. I already have lunch plans with my little tomorrow, and a day of all kinds of shopping and lazyness with Heidi before my mama and Nat come up tomorrow night.

2. MY NEW CABINETS ARE GETTING PUT IN! Right now, at this moment, men are at my condo putting in my new cabinets and beautiful countertop. My new range and microwave arrive friday and I cannot wait. Maybe this will encourage me to cook more. I promise to post pictures once everything is all looking pretty ;).

3. I lost my ipod and it has been the most upsetting thing to happen to me this summer (and this has been a summer where i haven't spent more than two weeks continuously at home, and where at the beach, my appendix decided to freak out and had to be removed). Fortunately I found my old one and I am currently updating it. How else can I face the good ole McComas track for all those miles I plan on logging?

4. Here is what I look like. I realize there are some pictures farther down, but I don't think any of them are just me. I know when I read blogs, I like to know what people look like so I can picture them... is that just me? I know, I am so weird sometimes.
(this is me in front of the house they used in the Lindsay Lohan version of the Parent Trap! Is there anyone else who is heartbroken over her choices and has a hard time watching any movie she's been in?)

5. I am still figuring out how to use this whole blogger thing, and still trying to figure out how to follow people. I have been a "lurker" since last summer when I stumbled upon Kelly's Korner and fell in love with reading blogs and finding different ones through people. 

6. I watch Lil Wayne's Behind the Music on VH1 yesterday. He is such a fool, but it sooooooo sucked me in.

Have a great day! :)

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