I Finally Have Internet!

Internet costs 15 pounds for unlimited access a week here in Scotland, but it's worth it to be able to communicate! I've a had a great time thus far out with my group in various pubs and restaurants, and seeing that it is after midnight here, I am about ready to head to bed. I promise I'll upload pictures soon! My flight from DC was great, and although I didn't get much sleep, I did get to watch some Friends and Sex and the City! Hopefully next weekend, my roommates for my flat in London, Elizabeth and Caitlin, will go see it with me :) Right now, I am in a hostle in Edinburgh (pronounced Ed-in-bore-oh) with seven other roommates, so it is a bit crowded!

Sorry this is so short, but I must be up at seven thirty or so tomorrow (or I guess it is today here) morning, so I am planning to head to bed shortly. We are planning to head to a few museums and even see the Queen's place (although, not all of it, because she is actually here right now!). After dinner at a delicious Italian restaurant... don't hate, we needed something other than fish and chips, Lib, Caitlin and I explored a little bit and found the Scottish Parliament. We all agreed it was the ugliest building ever! The queens place is much nicer though, so I have some great pictures of that!

Love to you all!

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