Edinburgh, Part One

Yesterday after showering the 24 hours of flight off of us, Lib, Caitlin and I grabbed some dinner and set off on exploring Edinburgh. This picture is straight down the "main street," called High Mile. There are a ton of restaurants, stores, and touristy places down this street, as well as some important monuments (if I knew what they meant, I'd tell you).

There are little gardens like this one all over Edinburgh, although some of them are for residents only. This one was really cute, although there was a drunk guy passed out in the grass, haha.

I then found my new boyfriend, although his personality wasn't as intriguing as my old one. He was, however, a good dancer. Sadly, I decided that we couldn't manage the long distance and his cold personality.

Then we decided to head down to a pub with a bunch of people from our program, which was a ton of fun. We saw this crazy live band, which is still making my ears bleed tonight! Still, I had a really dark but delicious beer named after someeeeeone, and then headed to another pub, where there was an El Rod's-esque booth that fit all of us, including me and the roomies :)

Today was a planned day as a part of our program, and we ended up at the Writer's Museum, Giles Cathedral, the Queen's Gallery, and the Scottish Parliament. It was all pretty interesting, although after only a few hours sleep, I was begging for a Diet Coke! Blogger is being ridiculous about pictures right now, so I promise I'll post those tomorrow! The biggest thrill had to do with some guards at the Queen's Gallery, and I will be sure to put those up!

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